How to Reverse the Effects of Smoking

How to Reverse the Effects of Smoking

Smoking not only harms your own body, but also harms the bodies of others around you who inhale the smoke. Smoking damages your lungs, reduces blood quality, affects your heart, impairs brain function, and causes shortness of breath among many other things. So if you have decided to stop smoking, good for you (and probably to people around you too). Smoking with all its injurious repercussions still has a huge number of followers. Compulsive smokers with their passionate spree are found smoking come rain or shine. But, in course of dicing with death, it makes for sense bearing in mind some of the healthy options.

Eat Healthy- 

Your body will need lots of proteins and energy to repair itself from the damage smoking had done to you. Smoker`s typically have low levels of vital nutrients like vitamins C and E, zinc, calcium, folate, and the omega-3 essential fatty acid. Make sure you get enough of these nutrients. Eat fresh fruit and avoid canned or processed fruits.

  • Avoid eating junk food, it fails to provide the adequate nutrients.
  • Two Studies have indicated that eating fish more than twice a week might help limit the tobacco damage in people who do not smoke more than a pack and a half a day
  • Even though fruit juice is as good as eating a fruit, many fruit juices have artificial flavors and very little actual fruit in them.
  • Consult a nutritionist. He/she will be able to help you choose a recovery diet for yourself based on your personal preferences.


A strenuous, full body exercise regime quickens the heartbeat and strengthens the weakened heart. It dilates the arteries which were previously constricted due to the smoke and increases blood circulation to all areas of the body resulting in quicker healing. You also start coughing which will drive out residual smoke from your lungs and strengthen them due to the constant need to take in more air.

  • Exercising might also help you avoid lung cancer. A 2006 study showed that women who used to smoke had a reduced risk of lung cancer if they had high levels of physical activity
  • Hire a personal trainer if you don`t want to visit a gym. He/she will also be able to tailor you regime to suit you needs, which is a great plus for you!

Go for daily walks-

A morning walk through a park will be very beneficial for your body. The morning air is free from pollution and smoke, resulting in the cleaner air reaching your lungs.A walk will often freshen your mind and help you overcome you cravings for a smoke.

Drink water-

You need to re- hydrate your body and also your skin. Smoking makes you look older than you really are due to the dehydration of your skin.

Take deep breaths as often as you can-

Even though it may be painful at first, taking deep breaths will let in a larger volume of air in your lungs. Your lungs will expand to their full capacity and you body will have a greater amount of oxygen with each breath. You also exhale deeply which will let out any residual smoke from your lungs and clear you windpipes.It also releases the toxins that may have accumulated in the body or lungs as a result of many years of smoking and boosts the energy level.

  • According to The Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis and James Balch, learning to breathe deep and from the diaphragm helps you get more oxygen into the lungs and the bloodstream
  • Consider doing a breathing exercise after you wake up each morning.


Quit early-

The longer you smoke, the more damage it does to your body. Breaking away from your habit in the initial days of the addiction will return your body to the fitness level it was the day before you started smoking.

Note: Your body will not repair itself overnight. Even though the blood pressure recovers just after 20 minutes after throwing away cigarettes for good, actual reversal will take months or even years. Restoration of your body to non-smoker status can take up to 15 years.

  • Most cardiovascular effects begin to reverse with a few days of quitting
  • Eat ice cream if you ever have a temptation to smoke. Ice cream will make you feel good and the time you take to go to the fridge is more than enough for the urge to pass.


  • Smoking is related more to your routine. So whenever you find yourself in a place where you usually smoke, move away. But If you can`t, then try to remember the benefits of quitting smoking and the hard work you`ve already done for quitting.
  • Try jogging on you morning walks, it will combine exercise and help you body recover faster.
  • At first things may seem hard but try to remember all the benefits you will receive if you abstain from smoking
  • A garden or some countryside road is the best path to walk on.