The blend of incredible lemon with goodness of honey.

The blend of incredible lemon with goodness of honey.

The blend of incredible lemon with goodness of honey in warm water every morning brings a rejuvenating and cleansing effect if taken in empty stomach. If you are used to morning caffeine intake try replacing it with this magical mixture and feel the difference within few weeks. It is a slow process but the effects and benefits embrace you internally for visible external changes.

How to prepare this refreshing health potion?

It is a health potion that irreversibly brings affable changes in you, right from triggering health benefits to catalysing a sound metabolism and freshness in your daily activities.  It is very easy to prepare it. Squeeze half a lemon, if ripe and juicy, add 1 tablespoon of honey (depending on the lemon juice squeezed), pour freshly prepared hot water and let the honey melt, adjust it to bearable water temperature and drink up the refreshing potion.

Benefits of the Ingredients

Lemon – This citrus delicacy is major source of Vitamin C, which helps to kip ourselves fit and develop healthy growth. It has many health benefits which gives us resistance against various diseases like cardiovascular disease, wrinkles and boost our immune system. It has amazing fat cutting affect which if regularly taken helps in burning those flabs. It has anti – oxidant which protects cells from anti – oxidant damage.

Honey – It has many medicinal values which boost our immune system by helping us get rid of flu and cold. It is a natural sweetener which can be replaced by sugar, helps maintain blood sugar level, used as antiseptic and can also be a god source of energy.

What are the benefits of drinking warm lemon water every day?

Helps in Weight Loss – It is one of the best recommended therapy of losing weight with its continual intake every morning in empty stomach. It creates an alkaline surrounding in the stomach which aids in cutting fat and losing weight in a nourishing way. The lemon contains pectin which helps in resisting hunger pangs and aids in reduced calorie intake.

Fuels the metabolism – It helps in active and proper metabolism driving efficient digestion. The lemon stimulates the liver to produce bile juice which breaks down the food. Honey helps in protecting our system against bacterial infections. It is very effective in cleansing our body of toxins.

Prevents Colon – It helps in flushing out the toxins that build up on the intestinal lining from undigested food particles. This often leads to many diseases of colon. The lemon and honey water helps in cleaning the colon by allowing absorption of proper nutrients and remove the toxins.

Prevents urinary Tract Diseases – It is one of the best natural remedy which helps in cleaning any urinary tract infection. Honey has anti bacterial properties which prevents various types of infections. The mixtures effortlessly flush out water from our body to remove any infection.

 Rescue you of constipation – It is usual to face constipation with unhealthy lifestyle and bad food habits. The warm water with lemon and honey prepares the stomach and stimulates the digestive system. It gets you bowel moving helping in release of free motions.

Keeps you happy and glowing – It is natural blood purifier which removes blood toxins and cleanses your skin. It gives you supple and smooth skin, with its glow restoration and helps to keep our skin glowing.

With so many benefits on lemon and honey warm water, there should be no way you escape its advantages. Stop being lazy because all it takes to be healthy is squeezing the lemon with honey and water.