Get summer ready with that hot Pilates Body

Get summer ready with that hot Pilates Body

Strengthen your core with PILATES

Pilates is a powerhouse of moves and exercise to strengthen your core and helps in burning fats clinging around your belly. It was introduced as combination of various forms including yoga and ballet to help people recover from injuries, but gradually is taking a front seat amongst people to develop strength and focus on abs muscle building. Pilates expose your body to variety of exercises which stretches all your muscles in a balanced way. It keeps the body balance intact with sound rhythm of breathing techniques. It usually follows a pattern where 20-50 exercises is repeated in one single session which may last for 45minutes to an hour. Pilates mostly focus on building the core which intensively burns fat and helps in gradual toning of your body to make you tip top summer ready. Here are few benefits of regular Pilates practise.

A. Core strengthening and flat belly

A flat tummy is fascinating but equally tough and it is true we all yearn for it. Pilates are all about muscle stretching in right way which focuses on building a strong core. Pilates includes exercise that scoop or pull in your abdominal part which pulls your muscle, burns fat and you are ready for that cropped top.

B. Complete Workout

It is a session of repeated exercises which takes care of your entire body laying special emphasis on abdomen, lower back, hips, thighs and butts. It gives your body a balance with proper alignment and teaches you to empower your movements. It syncs breathing with the exercise which is a complete workout for body development and mind rejuvenation.

C. Lean muscular body

Pilates focus on building muscles which are lean and elongating that gives you more of a accentuated taller frame rather than a bulky look. It builds our endurance and is perfect strength building exercise that readily keeps us fit and lean.

D. Reduces back aches

Our sedentary lifestyle has made us chair slaves leading to back aches due to bad posture. Pilates has greatly helped in developing a good posture and strengthen the spine and butt muscles which is responsible for back pain. Our back scoops down due to improper posture and becomes stiffs. Pilates helps in stretching the back muscle for levelling down aches.

E. Flexibility

With age our body tends to become stiffer and only the right kind of exercise can bring back the flexibility. It is found that people who practise Pilates routinely have more flexible body. It is because of the simple reason that it stretches our muscle and joints, with brings the motion back.

F. Recover from injuries

The history of Pilates started with the fact that it helped athletes and sportsperson to heal. Pilates helps in strengthening the weak muscles that contribute to back pain and other sort of bodily pain. It works the muscles together which helps you in training your body and recover from injuries quickly.

With so many benefits from Pilates, it is time you change your exercise pattern and add some Pilates on plate. They are easy and flexible exercise which starts from easy and goes to difficult level. It is always advised to perform Pilates under proper guidance, you definitely will see results.