Ways to make your Salad interesting

Ways to make your Salad interesting

Salads are healthy and fresh which is highly recommended for weight checkers. The best part is its filling and helps in keeping our appetite at place. It definitely is healthy but irony is almost all healthy things are boring. The same portion of cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes – isn’t it boring to take in the same raw things? Of course it is, so why no experiment and try new ingredients in our salad, make it interesting and deliciously edible, with health completely in check. Say no to the boring beans and cucumber lettuce combination, get your salad bowl and start adding these elements to change the taste. Promise, it won’t hurt your diet. No carbs and calories.

A. Use lot of different veggies

With versatile vegetables on the platter your salad not only looks good but also tastes better. Add cherry tomatoes instead of the normal kitchen or curry making tomatoes. They are good for diet and weight checkers. Make it more exotic with spring onion, thinly sliced carrots, radish and finely chopped cucumber. Capsicum if sliced finely is not a bad option either. Blend it with different lettuce variety like romaine lettuce, dandelion greens etc. The raw veggies definitely are must for a perfect salad.

B. Fruits

The veggies might take us to monotony where the taste would not excite us any further. Sweeten the salad with raw fruit addition. Berries make an excellent salad choice right from raspberry berry to blueberry to strawberry, all of them work well. Add dash of orange for citrus and tangy taste. Also to trigger our taste buds other fruits like pear, apple , grapes can be added. This makes the salad rich and tasty.

C. Dry fruits

To make the salad crunchy and develop more rich flavour, laden it with nuts and dry fruits. Make sure you don’t use too much of nuts but quite some sprinkle works good. Grated almond brings a better flavour, used chopped walnut and also raisins for a sweet taste.

D. Egg, Fish and Chicken Delight

For the entire non vegetarian clan, salad can become an exclusive inclusion in your regular routine with combination of egg whites and chicken boiled chunks. Dress your salad with rich source of protein and make your salad your meal. Add grilled chicken or fish for better taste or roasted chicken chopped in thin slices can be used. Chop the egg whites or infact cut in two halves and simply place it on top. Too much of these are however inviting calories.

E. Vinegar and Olive Oil

The salad will other go very dry and to make it little smooth, tasty and healthy, add olive oil and mix it properly. Vinegar or Apple cider vinegar can also be used to bring in little tangy flavour. Experiment more by sprinkling little bit of lemon juice. The flavours will mix up and bring a complete delicacy.

F. Sometimes make it a cheat

It is okay to cheat your health sometimes but don’t practise it regularly. Sometimes to make salads edible and interesting, try using some low fat cheese to make it rich and creamy. There are various types of seasoning and salad dressing available which can be used in rare occasions. If you are using a dressing for salad to bring taste upliftment, try using fat free dressing which is readily available in markets.

These are few things which give your taste bud a refreshing zap in the healthiest way. What are you waiting for? Your salad isn’t boring anymore. Get the bowl, mix it up, add pinch of salt, herbs, pepper and organic spices for taste, dab your fork and starting munching. Be assured it will taste good, a change is always better.