Running is the ultimate Fitness Mantra

Running is the ultimate Fitness Mantra

It is an era where health has taken prime importance in our lives with fitness and stamina on priority list. Our sedentary chair bound lifestyle has made it increasingly important to start acting upon our health with regular exercise but sometimes taking out 2 hours for gym or yoga practise is not favourable. Running is an effective solution to break our sitting habits which is highly recommended for fitness, endurance and stamina. It definitely is not a favourite to everyone but it has impeccable benefits to its credit. So what are you waiting for? Put on your running shoes, comfortable clothes and start your journey to fitness. What happens when you run regularly?

A. Weight loss

It is nothing that is difficult or something that one needs to learn. It is easy and everyone knows how to run. It doesn’t require expert training unless you are preparing yourself for a Marathon. It burns calories and helps in checking a check on our weight. It is one form of exercise that evenly conditions us body with overall development and over all weight control.

B. Improves Overall Health

It is a great form of exercise which helps in improving your overall weight. It helps in eliminating bad cholesterol from our body, improves liver function and powers immune system. It also keeps our skin pores rejuvenated with efficient sweat release. Regular runners have increased lung capacity.

C. Prevent disease

Some of the research say that regular running may help in prevention of many disease including colon cancer, breast cancer, lung and endometrial cancer, as it boost immune system. They also have less risk of other disease like cardiovascular and heart disease, stroke, diabetes along with enhancing our vision.

D. Strengthen your legs and knee

Running helps in keeping weight at bay which reduces the chance of osteoarthritis which is common with old age as well as obese people. It boost the cartilage through supply of proper oxygen, strengthen ligaments around joints and flushed out toxins, which makes bones strong. Running also increases bone density pushing important minerals towards them.

E. Relieves stress and stabilise emotions

It is scientifically proven that running makes us calm by increased release of serotonin level. It helps in boosting one’s confidence as it allows one to take control of her/his body and shape up. It also is known to be a great way to release negativity and depression. Once you start running, the hormones do the magic which improves your mood and energise you completely. It is also an effective way to take out negative emotions like anger because the more you run, the more you channelize negativity into positive energy.

Aren’t these enough good reasons, you should start running now onwards? If you need one more, not to forget running is very easy and there is not practice and plan required for it. All it needs is your determination, running clothes and of course proper running shoes. Start your stint with running and stay fit for life.