Easy Yoga Poses for Flat tummy

Easy Yoga Poses for Flat tummy

We all yearn for flat tummy but it is very difficult to achieve it once we start letting fats pile up around our waist and abdomen area with our sedentary lifestyle further contributed by laziness and fatigue. Getting back in shape and building that sexy abs need lot of exercises that is focused more on core building which is why yoga has proved to be very effective in helping to get flat tummy. Stop torturing yourself with hard and rigorous exercises and there is no need to starve your poor tummy. Yoga helps in weight loss and prolonged fitness, which helps in overall well being of our body, mind and soul. Try these yoga poses at home regularly and get ready for a flat tummy.

A. Tree Pose

It is an easy exercise or may look easy to eye. It requires you to let all your body weight be controlled only be one leg. Pick up your left leg and draw the knee towards your chest and after that holding the ankle fold the leg and press the bottom of left foot against right thigh. Hold the pose for a while, take deep breath and slowly come to normal position. Repeat the same with your right leg.

B. Vinyasa Power

It includes set of 3 poses which are very effective in getting you back in shape. It also helps in overall toning and flexibility of your body. Start the sequence with Parvatasana or dog pose, hold the pose till 5 deep breathe. Follow it by Bhujangasana or the cobra pose and hold it for 5 breathe. This can be further followed by plank pose for 30 seconds. After this go back to dog pose again. This sequence of exercise helps in developing core muscles and stretches efficiently which helps in cutting fats. It can be repeated in 3 sets but make sure you do stress yourself.

C. Warrior Pose

It is another exercise which helps in strengthening core and focus mainly on body balance. It can be difficult initially for the beginners but can take support to maintain the balance. Use one foot to control the weight of your entire body. Lift your left leg and bring it to your chest followed by taking it backwards parallel to the ground and extend both the arms forward. Hold on to the pose for 3 long breathe and come back to normal stand. Follow the same with the other leg.

D. Plank or Kumbhakasana

It is one of the simplest exercise yet takes lot of energy and stamina. It helps in overall toning of your body including flattening of your tummy and highly focus on core development. You need to lie flat on your stomach and keep your palm on both sides of your face. The toe needs to be pointed towards the ground. Push yourself by raising your body and ensure that your legs are lower on ground. Hold the plank position for 5 breathes and come back to normal by slowly lowering your body.

E. Side plank

It is a little difficult pose but with regular practise you will be able to easily embrace the pose properly. It requires balancing of your entire body on one hand which strengthens your muscle. Lie on left side with your entire body in straight side direction, place your left palm under shoulder and lift your body up in a side plank position. Your entire body is supported by left hand that touches the ground through its palm. Ensure that your body forms a straight line and your foot bottom is directed towards outside direction.

F. Boat pose

This exercise is challenging and difficult and you may feel vibration throughout your body while holding the pose. Sit with both legs extended, keep your hands behind your hips and lift your legs up with the foot pointing out. Slowly reach your hands towards your side thigh and lift your head upwards. Hold the position for 5 deep breathes and come back to normal position slowly. Ensure that your body forms a V-shaped structure, it is strength building exercise which also helps in core development and thus reduce tummy.