Meditation – The ultimate guide for positive rendezvous

Meditation – The ultimate guide for positive rendezvous

Meditation is taking a leap through our internal self to bring a better understanding of what we want and connects us more to ourselves through grave introspection. Meditation is a way which allows us to stay in the moment, feel the moment and lead a peaceful life. As per research it is found that people who practise meditation regularly tends to live in a more healthy way with sound balance of body, mind and soul. Embracing meditation has many benefits for a wholesome development of an individual.

A. Stress buster

Meditation involves deep exhale and inhale along with letting our soul wander around, leaving it free. Regular practise of meditation helps in keeping our mind calm and effectively reduces stress and anxiety. Meditation practise helps in boosting our nervous system which helps one pacify their emotions and be a peace. This greatly rejuvenates oneself and helps in reducing the level of stress.

B. Health Benefits

Meditation has various health benefits which contribute greatly to sound living. It has helped in lowering high blood pressure and greatly helped in boosting the immune system. A person who practises mediation on regular basis has greatly helped heart patients to make them more tolerant to exercises. Since meditation focuses on breathing, it has helped in increased blood flow and circulation around the body. It improves body posture and cures one from ulcers, relieves headaches and cures muscle injury.

C. Improves mood

Meditation helps in harnessing positivity and peace around us. With regular meditation practise there is increase in the level of serotonin in our body which is known to improve mood and stimulate happy happiness. Meditation is natural therapy which breaks the monotony of our lives and prospers our mind and soul with truest form of happiness. It rescues our mind from clutch of negativity which helps in developing mood and behavioural changes in positive way.

D. Increase Concentration and focus

Meditation is all about strong focus with proper sync of mind and controlled breathing, which has helped greatly in improving concentration. Meditation is a strong practise which gives us unconditional power to channelize our energy into one direction which helps in bringing better focus in both personal and professional life.

E. Healthy Lifestyle

Meditation energises our soul in an irreversible way which encourages us to give up laziness and breathe into a healthy lifestyle. There are many people who after regular meditation practise cut down on smoking and drinking, changed eating habits and progressed towards a health benefitting life. With continual practise you tend to boost you inner mechanism and help it to function in a more active way.

F. Increases acceptance

We are all flawed at some point or the other, but acceptance of oneself is very important to love the person in you. In order to spread love and be accepted, it is very important that you love yourself first and accept yourself. Meditation makes us more aware of ourselves, our thoughts, fears and also makes us feel good about ourselves. It is one moment that connects  you deeply to yourself.

G. Slows  Aging

Meditation is something which helps in boosting proper blood circulation and also helps in proper oxygen intake with focused inhale and exhale. It is a contributing factor which keeps our cells and skin young and refreshed. It was also found through some research that meditation helps in decreasing the effect of aging, keeping us young and youthful for a longer period of time. It is also found to increase gray matter of brain.

With regular practise of meditation you will be able to feel the difference in few days which will contribute in healthy, sound and calm living. It is an art which should be practised everyday in order to lead a happy and positive life.