Shilpa Shetty – Diva with Perfect 10 on 10 Body

Shilpa Shetty – Diva with Perfect 10 on 10 Body

The tall, elegant and beautiful Bollywood Diva Shilpa Shetty who has many bollywood blockbusters to her credit has maintained her toned body and perfect curve even after celebrating motherhood. The Big Brother winner cannot go unseen with a perfect 10 on 10 figure, is an inspiration and epitome of beautiful body. She is someone who swears by Yoga to maintain the perfect curves, to keep her mind at peace and also to keep her body agile and flexible. With Yoga DVD release to her credit along with book release, she has also helped many others to crawl into Yoga skin and sculpt a perfect body. She is one Diva who has not seen weight and maintained a body to die for even at age of 40. Let us see what it takes for the long legged sassy star to maintain those brilliant abs and curves.


Yoga is something which has transformed lives of many people with perfect balance of mind, body and soul. Her primary focus is not on building abs and sticking to a heavy exercise regime but to maintain an overall sound health. It is why she adheres and swears by yoga, to keep her body supple, slim, toned and flexible. She practises yoga almost twice a week for 1 hour which keeps her glow intact and stops her body from sagging. She practises Surya Namaskar daily along with many other yoga poses which helps her in maintaining her 10 on 10 body.

Weight Training

She combines her yoga with weight training sessions which keeps her body toned and doesn’t leave space for fat to pile on. She believes weight training if performed under proper guidance leads to body mass in the right places. After her pregnancy she did gain some extra pounds but with regular weight training under guidance of celebrity fitness trainer Vinod Channa, she managed to lose almost 20 kgs in period of 10 months to get back to her former slim structure. She alternatively mixed her yoga lessons along with weight training to keep her core strong. In order to maintain her body she also performs cardio workouts to build strength and endurance.

Diet and Food

She believes in wholesome and balanced healthy diet which includes 5 to 6 daily meals and doesn’t believe in adhering to any particular strict pattern. She doesn’t starve herself, eats rich food and knows her limit. She starts with breakfast which includes porridge or two eggs along with cup of milk tea. She has her lunch which is her heaviest meal which includes rice with ghee, dal, vegetable and portion of fish. If she is able to manage time she takes her evening snacks which is light and includes eggs or something light, sometimes only a cup of tea. She ensures she have her dinner before 8pm which includes soup, vegetables and roti or rice. She doesn’t believe in famishing herself and loves eating Chinese and Japanese food, with junk food sometimes on Sundays.