Bipasha Basu Fitness Unleashed

Bipasha Basu Fitness Unleashed

Bipasha Basu – The sultry and fabulous Bollywood actress who also is connoted as one of the most fittest person in Bollywood has unleashed light on what it took for her to get the perfect sculpted and toned body. She follows a complete disciplined life with no miss on her workout regime and with a strict diet she has successfully maintained her body. The Bengali beauty has sharp features and a body that one can kill for. Also with some fitness DVD release to her credit she has also helped in spreading the fitness virus effectively among people. As per a survey there are many people who are benefitted through her videos and DVD’s, with effective fat burning in the right places to get a toned body. Bipasha Basu believes and adheres to her routine which makes her on e of the most desirable bollywood diva. Let us see how she manages to keep her body so perfect and flawless.


When it comes to workout, Bipasha Basu is completely dedicated to her regime and doesn’t miss her workout schedule even for a single day. Bipasha was always known for here gorgeous and sultry look but now she has become an ideal for everyone who swears by fitness. It is very recent that Bipasha Basu started focussing on her fitness strongly and in return inspired a dozens of followers. Bipasha swears by Yoga and Cardio without any miss.

She starts her day with Surya Namaskar which she judiciously repeats almost for 100 times. Her main focus lies on regular cardio and she usually hits the gym in the morning hours. She starts her workout with few stretches and warm up followed by 20 minutes each on treadmill and cycling and 10 minutes on cross trainer. She follows a strict gym routine for 6 days a week with focus area specific workout every day.

She works out on her upper body on Mondays and abs on Tuesday. On Wednesday she work on her legs and lower body for perfect toning of the muscles. She focuses on glutes workout on Thursday and followed by its repeat along with abs exercise on Friday. Since Sunday she doesn’t go for a rigorous workout, she repeats sets of all exercise. Sunday she keeps it sober and simple with brisk walk or jog. She changes her workout plan and routine after every 3 – 4 weeks. Her friend and celebrity fitness trainer Deanne Pandey has consistently helped her to rise above the par and build the perfectly toned body.


She believes that thrash eating and fitness can never go hand in hand which is why she is very particular about what she eats. She has completely given up on junk foods to take control of her body and to maintain proper fitness. In one of her interviews she also mentioned about having rice only on her birthday. She sticks to 5 meals a day to stay fit and healthy.

She starts her day with glass of lukewarm water followed by tea and overnight soaked almonds. She is very particular about breakfast and likes to have a healthy and filling one. She usually takes 6 egg whites along with fresh fruits, toast, porridge and glass of skimmed milk. For lunch she prefers 2 soya chappatis along with sauté vegetable and dal and also includes portion of grilled chicken and lots of salad. With a cup of green tea she takes digestive biscults in the evening followed by dinner around 8.30 pm which includes a portion of grilled or steamed fish, salad and 2 chappatis with olive oil cooked vegetable. Apart from the diet plan, she drinks lots of water and a glass of coconut water to keep herself hydrated and her skin glowing.


Bipasha Basu has not only taken care of her own fitness and health but has inspired many others to take up fitness as regular practise.  She has released her fitness DVD with fat burning cardio sessions along with dance workouts which has helped many people to get their body toned. She advises that one should be determined while working out and should not miss out on sessions. A gym session according to her is a great boost to get sculpted body but the focus should be more on exercise rather than talking. It is important to drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and impurities, follow good diet and sleep for 6 to 7 hours daily.