Home Treatment to Cure Hair Fall

Home Treatment to Cure Hair Fall

With sedentary lifestyle, stress and pollution our hair face the brunt of it. According to experts and research losing 50 to 100 strands of hair is pretty normal but if the count increases it is a concern. Losing some amount of hair is also accompanied with age but if you don’t check falling hair at right time it might be too late. Here are some home treatments and remedies that can help you control hair fall.

A. Coconut

Be it coconut oil or coconut milk, both of them are very important for hair growth that effectively help in reducing hair fall. Coconut is rich in fats, minerals, proteins, potassium and iron which help in reducing hair breakage. Take coconut oil and warm it, apply and massage through hair scalp, keep for overnight or few hours and wash with shampoo. Also you can apply homemade coconut milk on your scalp to minimize hair fall. Grate coconut and let it simmer in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes, use the coconut milk on scalp and hair followed by shampooing.

B. Gooseberry

This fruit has impeccable health benefits as it is rich in anti oxidants and Vitamin C. It is very effective in controlling hair fall and enhances growth of hair. It helps in maintaining healthy scalp as it has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and dandruff exfoliating properties. Apply Amla Juice or Powder on scalp and wash off after it dries. In order to maximise the effect apply amla juice or powder along with lemon juice on scalp, leave overnight and wash off next morning.

C. Onion Juice

Onion is rich in sulphur which enhances collagen production and promotes hair growth. Onion juice can curb hair fall as it regenerates hair follicle and improves blood circulation. It also has anti bacterial properties which help in protecting the scalp against infection.  Squeeze the juice from an onion and apply it on scalp, keep it for 25– 30 minutes and rinse off with shampoo.

D. Hibiscus

This flower is slippery in nature which helps in treating pre-mature hair greying and also helps in controlling hair fail. Make a paste of hibiscus flower by crushing it, apply on scalp and rinse off after few hours. It leaves your hair healthy and smooth. Alternatively hibiscus oil can also be prepared by mixing 10-15 hibiscus with coconut oil, heat the solution and extract the oil. Apply the oil and rinse after keeping it overnight.

E. Fenugreek

It is very effective in treating hair fall and prevents hair loss. The seeds contain hormones which stimulates hair follicle to strengthen hair growth. It also contains protein and nicotinic acid which enhances growth of hair. Make a paste of fenugreek seeds soaked overnight, apply the paste on your hair and wash off after an hour. It will positively curb hair fall.

F. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has versatile benefits that help in keeping our hair strong and control hair fall. It contains enzymes as well as alkalizing properties which help in hair growth. It helps in curbing scalp inflammation, treats dandruff and prevents scalp itching which strengthen the hair from its roots. Extract Aloe Vera juice and apply it on scalp and hair, leave for an hour and wash. Use Aloe Vera twice or thrice in a month and see the difference.

G. Henna

It is very commonly used conditioner which helps in strengthening hair from root and control hair fall. You can make a mixture of henna powder with water, add curd and egg for better result, apply and keep for an hour and wash off with lukewarm water. You can also massage your scalp with henna oil which can be easily made at home. Dry henna leaves, powder them and mix it with mustard oil, boil the mixture and extract the oil. Apply the oil once or twice a week, rinse off after leaving on for few hours.

H. Beetroot

It is a vegetable which is very good for our health and is rich in carbohydrate, protein and many essential elements like potassium, phosphorus, calcium along with Vitamins. It helps in promoting hair growth and makes hair strong. Make a paste of beetroot boiled leaf along with henna, apply on scalp and wash off after half an hour. Also ensure that you take beetroot juice and include it in your diet.

I. Garlic

It greatly helps in hair fall control and enhances hair growth due to its rich sulphur content. Crush garlic cloves and boil it with coconut oil, apply the warm oil on scalp, leave for an hour and wash off. Try this twice a week and effectively control hair fall. It helps in strengthening the hair follicle.

Apart from these homemade remedies it is important to take care of our diet and include more of protein rich food. Also regular massage of scalp with hair oil helps in relaxation along with increased blood circulation to hair follicles which strengthen the roots and helps in hair growth. One can choose from wide number of oils like amla, almond, castor, olive and coconut oil for better hair growth and massage.