Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd doesn’t make it to ones favourite list and with its bitter taste it is one of the most loathed vegetable. But with its abundant health benefits it can be a miracle to your health and which is why, love it or hate it, you should not ignore it. It helps in boosting our immune system and its regular intake helps in detoxification which cleanses our system from within, clears our skin and helps in keeping weight at bay. It is a powerhouse of nutrition and with its spectacular benefits, consider including it in your diet either as vegetable or juice. Here are some of the benefits that will make you fall in love with this bitter vegetable.

A. Prevents Diabetes

Insulin is very important to treat diabetes but with phytonutrients like polypeptide P present in bitter gourd it is capable of keeping a check on diabetes by lowering blood sugar level. It also contains components like vicine and charantin which has anti diabetic properties. The three components increase tolerance to glucose along with increased insulin secretion.

B. Boost Immune System

It helps in enhancing and boosting our immune system by supplying our body with required vitamin C. It has many anti viral property which helps in powering up your immune system and protects your body from infections. It helps in activation of killer cells which helps in protecting our body against foreign particles. It prevents food allergies, yeast infections etc.

C. Liver Detoxification

It helps greatly in liver detoxification which helps in lowering fluid retention and enhances gall bladder function. Regular intake of bitter gourd juice helps in treating liver cirrhosis and also helps in taking care of irritable bowel syndrome. Liver detoxification helps in purification of blood which clearly reflects on our skin by reducing pimples, acnes and makes our skin clearer.

D. Helps in better digestion

It contains fibres and with its rich cellulose content it helps in aiding proper digestion and enhances bowel movement to prevent constipation. It helps in killing infectious worms which helps in proper metabolism. With proper secretion of gastric juice it keeps stomach disorders in bay. If you are suffering from piles, regular intake of its juice can help in treating this painful disease.

E. Prevents Cancer

According to research bitter gourd has many anti-cancer properties which help in preventing various types of cancer. It helps in preventing growth of cancerous cells in pancreas and also helps in killing cancerous cells in liver, colon, breast and prostate.

F. Antioxidants and Improves Eyesight

It is a rich source of anti – oxidant which helps in scavenging free radicals and toxins from our body. It helps in cleansing our body and is perfect for someone who is addicted to smoke, as it helps in cleansing the nicotine layer from our body. It is rich in Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene which helps in improving eye sight.

G. Weight loss and cholesterol check

Bitter Gourd is a must intake for someone who wants to lose weight as its components help in secreting bile acids that are very important for metabolising fat. It has very low calories and also is healthy which helps in efficient weight loss through its regular intake. It helps in cholesterol reduction which helps in keeping your heart healthy with reduces heart attack and stroke.

These are some of the benefits of bitter gourd which helps in keeping us healthy and happy. So ignore its bitter taste and start including it in your diet regularly. It will bring positive and amazing change through its bitter taste but the change will definitely be sweet.