REKHA - Diva with Ageless Beauty

REKHA  - Diva with Ageless Beauty

Have you ever wondered how Rekha has captured the eye of everyone with her ageless and iconic beauty? It is indeed true that Rekha has aged gracefully with her beauty and elegance giving a tough competition to young and upcoming actresses. Rekha is an ultimate diva who has ruled Bollywood in 70s with her brilliant acting skills and left the world jaw dropped with her amazing transformation from below average to someone you can take your eyes off. Be it the beauty of her long tresses or her flawless skin, there are many reasons for someone to envy her. Here are few things that makes Rekha a perfect epitome of ageless beauty.

Fitness and Health

Rekha, graceful then ever looking amazing gorgeous and has maintained a body so strong and toned within the drapes of her saree. Rekha strictly follows regular session of exercise and moves for 15 to 20 minutes everyday to keep her body strong. To balance her mind and control her body, she supplements herself with daily dose of yoga and meditation. Yoga according to her is a therapy which has helped her in bringing ageless beauty and attributes that one die for. She loves dancing and enjoys classical forms and others to drive positivity in her. A happy soul, she practises the art of internal happiness through daily chores, gardening and other house cleaning work which helps her in keeping fit and healthy.

Food Habits

Rekha follows a very healthy and good food habit which helps in adding to her charm and beauty. She is vegetarian and loves Indian Food with spices that has digestive function and other health benefits. She consumes lots of fruits and vegetables which contributes to her glowing skin and beautiful hair. Rekha doesn’t believe in diet but do follow a very wholesome and healthy diet which includes vegetables, rotis, yoghurt, salad etc and consumes her dinner by 7.30 pm with a limited diet but well balanced one. She avoids junk and fried food and relies more on natural  and fresh food consumption. With her liquid intake and more water consumption she has managed to keep the essence of her ageless skin alive with natural glow and blemish free texture. Rekha without any fail consumes 10 – 12 glasses of water everyday which helps in natural detoxification of skin and body.

Tips and Regime

Rekha believes in living a disciplined life and maintains a regular routine of proper sleep. She goes to bed early and rises early like a complete old school follower but it has incredibly helped her in adding to her ageless beauty. With her regular aromatherapy and spa treatment, she helps in rejuvenating her body cells and enhances proper blood circulation. Her impeccable style of make up with bright lipstick and kajal, makes her incredibly beautiful but she swears by make-up removal before going to bed letting her skin breathe. She follows a strict routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing regularly which keeps her skin young and hydrated. Her long tresses are result of natural therapy and treatment, with application of natural hair pack made of honey, curd and egg once a week. She also uses amla and other natural products to keep the shine on.

These are some of the ways how Rekha has made a mark in Bollywood with her impeccable beauty and created a threshold of perfection and grace. With a disciplined life with more inclusion of