How to keep your Liver healthy & happy

How to keep your Liver healthy & happy

When we talk about body process and detoxification, we cannot escape without mentioning the immense support liver provides us by performing various function right from production of bile juices for digesting, to eliminating toxins through its detoxification process and imparting immunity. But through our continual bad eating and drinking habits along with sedentary lifestyle we are not really co-ordinating with our liver. Liver if healthy helps immensely in contributing to better health by removing harmful blood toxins, regulation blood composition and also store important nutrients. So before it is too late, better not make your liver angry and use these home remedies for healthy and happy liver.


It is an Indian traditional fruit which has many benefits and contributes to happy liver. It is rich in vitamin C which helps in better functioning of liver through its periodical cleansing. The fibres present in this fruit helps in better functioning of liver and enhances liver activity and also boost liver immunity against infection.


It is rich source of vitamin C and also is rich in anti-oxidants like D-Limonene which helps in liver detoxification and cleansing it off all impurities. Vitamin C in liver also gives a boost to liver enzymes for efficient production of bile juice and helps in continual absorption of nutrients. Ensure that you include intake of lemon in your diet or always drink lemon and honey combination in warm water every morning.


Flaxseeds are very healthy and acts as substrate for many binding sites in our body to enhance liver activity. Hormones generally bind to certain receptors in our body which increases its circulation in the bloodstream and it makes it difficult for the liver to scavenge out all the hormones due to which toxicity increases in our body. Flaxseeds binds  to certain receptor site by not letting the hormones bind which helps in giving rest to liver for its other functions.

Fruits and Vegetables

It is very important to include lots of fruits and vegetables in our diet as they helps in boosting the liver and ensure it performs its functions properly. Garlic is very effective as it helps in liver cleansing which activated liver enzymes that flushes out toxins. The components in garlic protect liver from toxic damage. Beetroots have high flavonoids and beta-carotene which acts as natural blood purifier and helps in cleansing of liver. Apples helps in scavenging toxins from our body and cholesterol from blood which prevents extra work and strain caused to liver. Broccolli acts as natural liver cleanser which is rich in glucosinates which helps in flushing out toxins and fibres helps in digestion. Its regular intake helps in keeping liver healthy as the workload is shared. Other fruits like grapes and vegetables like carrot, cabbage etc are also very important in keeping liver healthy.


It is a dry fruit which is highly beneficial to our health and with its high concentration of amino acid L-Arginine it helps in detoxifying ammonia from liver and also it acts as natural cleanser with its high content of glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids.


It is something that is used as spice or colour additive in cooking which has many health benefits. It is rich in anti-oxidants and is a herb which effectively helps in cleansing of liver. According to research turmeric is also known to prevent viral infection on liver by preventing virus multiplication. It is known to impart some protection against attack by Hepatitis B and C.


So these are some ways how we can show gratitude to what liver has been doing to sustain our body in a healthy way. Try to avoid alcohol as it negatively impacts liver as it is very difficult to breakdown alcohol and liver is subjected to immense stress. Drink lots of water and fresh juice, keep your liver healthy and happy.