Water Aerobics & Its Impeccable Benefits

Water Aerobics & Its Impeccable Benefits

Fitness has become a very important part in our lives to tackle the wrath of sedentary lifetstyle and to keep the body moving. With versatile types of workout regime, everyone has their own taste and is comfortable with a particular kind of exercise style. In the pursuit of something vividly different and highly convincing water aerobics has attracted many people in these years due to its low intensity workout plans. Water aerobics are known to give major boost to our body and helps in shrinking weight effectively. Water aerobics are very good option for people who are trying to recover from any injuries, for senior citizens and also for pregnant women. It includes the combination of various moves and with throughout the exercise regime you feel light. It is far more effortless but effective than the regular exercise. Here are few benefits why you should try at least once to enroll yourself in water aerobics session.

A. Low Impact and Energy

Since water can make you feel weightless thus water aerobics makes you feel almost 90% lighter which allows you to easily exercise with the defined moves. The traditional land based exercise takes lots of effort and hard work but this new trending form of exercise is effortless and is perfect for people from all walks of life. It has less tendency of muscle soreness and potential exercise related injury.

B. Weight training due to high resistance

Water has natural resistance which is proportional to the amount of force exerted by you while exercising which makes it perfect for weight training. Water provides resistance to most of the moves which strengthens our body and like we increase weights in gym, with increase in speed of exercise in water aerobics it provides greater resistance and thus helps in muscle toning.

C. Improves blood circulation

Water aerobics has greatly helped in improving our blood circulation and thus helps in keeping your heart healthy and happy. Water exerts hydrostatic force on our body which aids in proper blood circulation by our heart by helping in back flow of blood in our heart promptly. This entire process helps in keeping a check on blood pressure and heart rates.

D. Weight Loss

Water aerobics takes less effort than the conventional form of exercises but do help in strengthening our body along with weight loss. For those who are suffering from obesity normal exercise becomes hard and this is why the introduction of aqua aerobics has proved to be of immense benefit to them. Water has great resistance which requires more energy and thus helps in burning those extra calories. Since your body feels light and you enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by water, you don’t tend to be very tired. According to some analyses it was found that aqua treadmill helped in burning more fat than land based treadmill.

E. Effective recovery from pain

Since aqua exercises doesn’t require much effort as compared to conventional exercise form it acts as best exercising form to build muscle strength and recover from physical injury. It is perfect for someone who is suffering from Arthritis and with its regular practise it can help in making joints more flexible and your body more fit. It is beneficial because you can easily perform joint exercises in water that doesn’t cause much strain and stress to your muscles. It also helps in greater mobility and flexibility of joints as well as reduces muscles soreness.

Apart from these water greatly helps in keeping our skin hydrated and keeps us fresh and lively. With such impeccable benefits of water aerobics you should not give a second thought and try the form at least once. You sure are going to find positive changes if you follow it judiciously. Aqua aerobics is something that sure will make your workout sessions more interesting.


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