How to treat stretch marks at home

How to treat stretch marks at home

The mechanism of our body is such that we tend to lose weight and gain as well and with this continual process we tend to develop stretch marks on our body. Usually someone who has lost lot of weight by the process of fat reduction is more prone to stretch marks that appears as white patches or lines, predominant in buttocks, stomach and breast area. When one gains weight rapidly since the elasticity of the skin is stretched, the marks tend to appear as elastic fibre underneath skin tends to break. Initially they are purplish or slightly reddish but with its age they tend to become of whiter shade. Are you tired and disgusted seeing those awful and ugly stretch marks on your arms, thighs and belly area?? If yes, here are some of the natural or home remedies that will help you to lighten the stretch marks.

A. Sugar

Sugar is known to be one of the best exfoliate that greatly helps in reducing or lightening the stretch marks. Sugar is coarse and its particles have the tendency to remove dead skin. Sugar is rich in glycolic acid and alpha hydroxic acid which stimulate the skin cells and helps in rejuvenating them. Make a paste of sugar along with few drops of almond oil and lemon juice and use it as scrub every day before taking shower. It will reduce the stretch or lighten them in few days.

B. Castor Oil

Castor oil has many medicinal benefits which make it a very effective choice when it comes to reducing stretch marks. Castor oil induces the production of elastic which is a connective tissue that helps in elasticity and allows tissue to resume their original shape after stretching. Castor Oil can be applied as layer on the affected areas and massaged for a while, wrap with a clean cloth and provide heat to the particular area via heating pad or hot water bottle for 30 minutes. This technique if followed every day judiciously can help in reducing stretch marks.

C. Aloe Vera

It has many benefits to our health and also helps in lightening and reducing the stretch marks. Aloe Vera gel contains collagen protein which helps in skin repair and is one of the most important proteins that help in maintaining and building skin elasticity. Since it helps in elasticity of skin it greatly helps in reducing stretch marks by bringing back the fibres to original position. If you have aloe vera plant at your home, simply apply the gel on affected area and after 20 minutes rinse it off with lukewarm water. If natural aloe vera is not available you can make a mixture of aloe vera gel that is available in market along with oil from 10 Vitamin E capsules and oil from 5 Vitamin A capsules, apply the mixture on affected area and massage till it is completely absorbed. This will greatly help in reducing stretch marks.

D. Potato

Potato is known to contain many beneficial nutrients which helps in proper growth and restoration of skin cells. It also has high concentration of starch that soothes our skin and its high anti-oxidant concentration helps in scavenging free radicals. Simply extract the juice out of a raw potato and apply the potato juice in affected area with help of cotton ball. Alternatively you can also cut a slice of potato and apply it on affected area and with its regular application it will help in reducing and lightening the stretch marks.

E. Lemon

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C source which helps in production of collagen that increases the elasticity of the fibres and thus prevents stretch marks. It greatly helps in reducing the existing strength by building of collagen protein that helps in taking back the stretched skin to its original position. It also helps in growth of blood vessels which maintains the firmness of our skin. Rub fresh lime on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes and wash off with warm water. Try to follow this regime everyday to see visible results. Alternatively you can make a mixture of cucumber and lemon juice, apply the same on affected area and wash off after 20 minutes.

F. Egg white

The white part of egg is known to have protein components and is rich in collagen protein which helps in elasticity of fibres. It helps in bringing skin firmness and with constant renewal of cells and increased elasticity it helps in bringing back the original position of the stretched fibres or skin. Simple separate the egg white from the entire egg, apply it on affected area and wash off after leaving on for 20 minutes. After washing off apply olive oil and massage for 5 minutes for better effect.

G. Olive Oil

Olive oil is very good for our health and is rich in anti-oxidants which help in keeping us healthy. It is proved to be very effective against stretch marks and contributed in lightening of our skin. It can be applied on the affected area, massage for 15 minutes and leave on. The oil is rich in vitamin A,D and E source which helps in elasticity and skin renewal. Vitamin E helps in neutralising the effect of the free radicals which damage collagen which in turn helps in maintaining the elasticity.