How to take care of Insomnia at Home

How to take care of Insomnia at Home

The annoying and tiresome story when you close your eyes at night but sleep seems to be always running away from – INSOMNIA!! It is. The clock goes tick tock, time racing fast and you see it is 3AM in the morning still wide awake – you still can’t sleep and nothing worries you more than facing the next day. It is evident that humans need at least 6 to 7 hours of proper sleep to stay rejuvenated and to keep their mechanism function properly. In this attempt to get back sleep you are not alone because most of the people are struggling with the same as you are. Insomnia if not cured or taken care at earliest possible state can really be not beneficial to our health which may lead to depression, fatigue, obesity, heart problem and weakening of brain cells. There are many things that contribute to insomnia like bad food habits, lifestyle, going too long without rest or stress. Here are few things you can try to step out of the Insomnia zone and get a peaceful sleep.

A. Reduce amount of caffeine Intake

Most of us cannot do without that morning cup of coffee which is fine but there are people who overdo their coffee intake that increases caffeine concentration inside our body. Coffee is known to have components which reverse sleep which is why excess coffee can lead to insomnia. Coffee also stimulates night urination which might be one of the major cause of sleep breakdowns.

B. Sweat and keep the exercise regular

According to research it is found that people who exercise more and sweat are less likely to be insomniacs than the ones who live life being a couch potato. It is found that regular exercise helps in stimulating your hormones which helps in inducing sound sleep. Whatever you can and however you can stick to your exercise regime. It is found that people who exercise during morning hours gets better and sound sleep maybe due to decrease in level of stress hormones. If you are not into hardcore exercise focus on light and effective yoga, meditate for a while before going off to sleep.

C. Grab a bite of these food

Try to have an early dinner at about 8pm so that the food is digested well and properly. If you are in the habit of going to bed late make sure that you take in bite of things that stimulate your sleep inducing mechanism. Any food that is high in concentration of tryptophan like banana helps in increasing production of serotonin which induces sleep. Also try to take in a warm glass of milk which facilitates sleep. Try to avoid very spicy or sweet food as it leads to increase in insomnia. Include cherry juice in your diet which is high in melatonin concentration and thus regulates sleep cycle.

D. Avoid heavy drinking

Although it is seen that many people sleep their heart out after getting drunk but usually it is not the case with everyone as alcohol leads to disrupted sleep and immense fatigue. Alcohol is also known to be a diuretic which induces urination which is why insomnia may hit you hard after taking in alcohol.

E. Take a warm bath

Get into the practise of taking a warm shower before going to bed. If you have a bathtub it is perfect to get into the tub after you sprinkle few drops of aromatic oil. Even if you don’t have a bathtub it is fine as you can simply pour down those warm water mugs on yourself to get away with the tiredness of entire day and relax. Follow a proper regime of cleansing and cleaning your face, take a hot shower and go to bed. The aromatic and natural oil has relaxing effect that stimulates sleep.

F. Follow a regular routine

Before going to bed take an hour extra on bed to grasp all positive energy and prepare yourself by shutting your eyes. Maintain a proper routine and try to follow it judiciously. Think about good things that makes you happy and play some soothing music to help you fall asleep. It is found that music has very strong role in stimulating the brain cells which go off to sleep.

Simply follow these ways and you might find yourself being rescued of the horror of keeping wide awake all night. INSOMNIA is very stressful, work on yourself and change your habits because sleep is very important for proper mechanism and running of our body.