Anti-Oxidants one must include in their diet

Anti-Oxidants one must include in their diet

With our lethargic lifestyle we tend to accumulate large concentration of toxins and free radicals in our body which is harmful for our health. In order to reverse the effect of toxins is important treat our body with supplements and diet that is rich in antibiotics. Exercise is definitely one of the most effective ways by which we can reduce level of toxins but with a diet rich in anti-oxidants it helps in effectively scavenging out free radicals from our body that reduces toxic levels in our body and protects one from its potential harmful effects. Anti-oxidants in simple language are natural cleanser of our body which acts as anti-ageing agents, absorbs bad cholesterol, reduces heart disease and also is known to reduce the risk of cancer. Here are few things that you can consume to increase the level of anti-oxidants in your body.

A. Honey

It has many benefits which help in keeping our inner mechanism strong and fights against disease. It has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that give resistance against infections. Honey has combination of hydrogen peroxide, polyphenols and high sugar concentration which helps in acting against the bacterial cells. Honey can be used with almost everything and the best option is to replace sugar with honey. Ensure that you take one spoon of pure honey every morning with water or alternately can be also used along with lemon and warm water.

B. Cloves

It is a traditional Indian spice which has many medicinal benefits and is rich in anti-oxidant content. It is used as spice to add flavour and taste to our food which helps in proper digestion. Cloves are anti-oxidants and has immersed as potential natural cleanser. It greatly helps in lipid oxidation and prevents them from clogging your arteries.

C. Ginger

It not only is a flavouring spice but is known to impart many medicinal benefits to our body. It has natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties which acts against infection and protects against bacterial disease. Ginger is known to give relief against periodontal infections and ones caused by Salmonella. Ginger can be used as spice in our food which provides our body with ample amount of anti-oxidants. The best way to consume ginger is to take in a small raw ginger piece or it can be also be used with tea which also in turn is rich source of anti-oxidants.

D. Tea

The best part of the addictive beverage is its rich anti-oxidant content in form of polyphenols which helps in scavenging free radicals. Tea helps in reducing chances of heart attacks and its anti-oxidants acts as natural detoxifier. Instead of taking milk tea try to increase intake of black tea or green tea which cleanses body and helps in eliminating toxins. Green tea also has no calorie which manages weight along with process of detoxification.

E. Blueberries

They are rich in anti-oxidants and its regular inclusion in our diet brings out flawlessly glowing skin as well as helps us in maintaining a good health through its immense detoxifying capacity. The anti-oxidant present in blueberries is very effective for nervous system that helps in sharpening memory and also enhances our cardiovascular system. Blueberries have low glycemic index and thus contributes to proper regulation of blood sugar level. They can be also frozen without harming and reducing their anti-oxidant content.

F. Grapes

Most of the fruits are rich in anti-oxidants and talking about fruits grapes scores the highest fruits. Grapes contain polyphenols which are known to prevent occurrence of certain types of cancer and also reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases. Polyphenols play a very important role in lowering blood pressure. Grapes also contain flavonoid which have anti-inflammatory properties and reduces heart diseases. Grapes are rich in resveratrol which helps in scavenging free radicals and aids in detoxification of our body.

G. Red Bell Peppers

They are vegetables which are rich in anti-oxidants and impart many benefits to our health. It is rich in carotenoids which reduces risk of heart diseases. Red bell peppers contain high amount of Vitamin C as well and on ripening the content of anti-oxidants increases which helps in scavenging out toxins. Red bell peppers has high content of phytonutrients like flavonoids, hydroxycinnamic acids and alpha carotene that helps in bringing many health benefits.

H. Dark Chocolate

It is rich in anti-oxidants which gives many health benefits and brings unmatched glow to our skin. Most of the dark chocolate has low sugar content and is rich in components like procyanidins, epicatechins and catechins which helps in reducing heart diseases,,diabetes and asthma. Dark chocolate reduces bad cholesterol and increases the concentration of good cholesterol. The anti-oxidant present in dark chocolate prevents clogging of arteries.