5 Vitamin-B12 Rich Products to Include in Your Diet

5 Vitamin-B12 Rich Products to Include in Your Diet

Our body is a complex mechanism which requires the right proportional of nutrients, minerals and vitamins for proper growth and regulation of various functions. Vitamin B12 is one of the most essential nutrients which enhances immune system, formation of red blood cells and regulates proper functioning of nervous system. It is important to supplement our body with required amount of Vitamin B12 because its deficiency may lead to headache, fatigue, stomach problems, and hair loss and in severe crisis of Vitamin B12 may cause anaemia, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin B12 also known as cobalamin efficiently converts carbohydrates into glucose which provides us enough energy for running our body mechanism. Vitamin B12 is also known to reduce the blood levels of homocysteine which is known to reduce risk of heart attack. With so many benefits of Vitamin B12 all we need to ensure is we consume food that are rich in colabamin. Here are few food products that will keep your body abundant and rich in supply of Vitamin B12.

1. Eggs

Ever wondered why it is advised to include eggs essentially in your breakfast? It is because apart from proteins and other nutrients it is rich in Vitamin B12 content and it gives benefit when taken as whole. On taking egg regularly it provides our body with abundant supply of Vitamin B12.

2. Dairy Products

Dairy products include many things like milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter which are rich in Vitamin B12 and highly beneficial for our health. It is very important to include a proportional amount of dairy products that helps in efficient circulation of Vitamin B12 in our body. Yoghurt helps in maintaining proper balance of regulation and is rich in Vitamin B12 source which is why it is beneficial to consume a bowl of yoghurt after your meal.

3. Meat

It is found that people who consume meat and non vegetarian products have more abundant supply and circulation of Vitamin B12 than ones who don’t. Meat especially red meat and beef liver is rich in Vitamin B12 content which enhances vision and makes our bone strong. Meat is also rich in protein content which gives a major boost to nervous system as well.

4. Seafood and Fish

Seafood including various types of fishes are rich source of Vitamin B12 and packed with essential nutrients that helps in increasing our immunity and provides energy for regulation of body. Try to include a portion of fish in one of your meals to increase supply of Vitamin B12 inside your body. Fishes like trout, rainbow, salmon, mackerel etc are rich in Vitamin B12 content.

5. Cereals

Cereals are something that is breakfast essentials which are rich in fibres, protein and vitamins. For someone who is strictly vegetarian cereals can be effective substitute as it is rich in Vitamin B12 content. Cereals like oats, muesli and cornflakes contributes to Vitamin B12 supply in your body. Daily intake of cereals with milk increase Vitamin B12 content in our body that in turn helps to maintain a good health.