How Massage Helps Our Body?

How Massage Helps Our Body?

One thing we desperately require after a stressful day or to make our weekends well spent is a massage that leaves us relaxed and rejuvenated. There are various types of massage and the whole idea is not only to soothe aches and body pain but also to improve blood circulation and reduce muscle stress. A regular massage therapy help in complete well-being right from physical to emotional well being. Here are few reasons why you should book your massage therapy session right now.

A. Ease and soothe Pain

With our sedentary lifestyle we are prone to joint pain and backache. Sitting for hours in the office make our spine cringe and we are subjected to postural stress. A massage therapy can act as healing component which balances all the stress we earn due to continuous sitting. The more we sit the more we are prone to back pain but with massage it greatly helps in reducing the pain. Massage at regular intervals lowers the stiffness and enhances motion which greatly helps in treating osteoarthritis patient.

B. Improves circulation and relaxes muscle

We sometimes get sore muscles due to various reasons that lead to pain and swelling. Massage helps in improving blood circulation which eases muscle pain. A simple back press behind the neck is very relaxing but when it comes to massage it gives complete relaxation and is able to knock off the muscle soreness. Improved blood circulation helps in keeping our body healthy and strong.

C. Increases Immunity

Regular massage helps in increasing immunity which helps in fighting against diseases and keeps our body strong. Massage is known to increase the count of White Blood cells which are known to fight against foreign bodies and reduces stress. Improved immunity helps us in keeping our inner mechanism strong and hearty.

D. Improves our sleep cycle

If you are a victim of insomnia or have disturbed sleep cycle, a massage therapy helps in improving sleep through intense relaxation of body and mind. Massage triggers the delta waves in our brain which is known to induce sleep. So if you are really tired but unable to sleep get yourself a massage booked and feel the difference.

E. Cures recurring headache

With stress, anxiety and immense work one thing that in unavoidable is the boiling cauldron of pressure in our head that causes headaches. A gentle massage is enough to get away with the uneasy headache and increases concentration. Many people have recurring migraine which can be eased by regular head massage.

F. Increases joint mobility

Our bones and joints tend to become stiff with time and age that leads to joint pain. Massage around the joint areas like knees helps in easy passage of blood through the area which helps in increased mobility. It is important to get massage therapy done once in a while which helps in oiling and keeping the movement swift.

These are some of the benefits why you should book your massage therapy as soon as possible. It takes us to a new level and makes a difference by relaxing us to the core. To keep our body healthy and fit don’t forget to go for massage every month.