Most Effective Exercise For Weight Loss

Most Effective Exercise For Weight Loss

Putting on those extra kilos is easy but when it comes to shedding off the weight it takes the shit out of us because it is very difficult. Even after consistent exercise and committed to strict diet plans that flab shamelessly bulge out. Sometimes working out too much is exhausting and we tend to lose our pace. Following a particular weight loss program or adopting the same set of exercises makes you immune and stagnant your weight loss. Instead of torturing yourself with different forms, here are some of the best weight loss exercises which can greatly aid weight loss and reduce calorie count.

A. Running

There is nothing better than a regular session of running and is known to be one of the best calorie burner. Running is beneficial for entire body and takes care of one’s complete well being. Running is not difficult but all you need to take care is to use perfect pair of shoes. Running reduces toxin level and also boost metabolic rate which gradually help in reducing unwanted body fat. Running should never be taken hastily and progress should be made gradually and slowly or else it is will go heavy on our knees. Runners are some of the fittest people and it is found that preparing for Marathon has helped many people to shed off their weight.

B. Cycling

Cycling is a fun filled exercise which not only rejuvenates you but also aids in effective weight loss. Cycling is an overall fitness exercise which help in getting you toned legs and strong lean body. Cycling stimulates our muscles and gradually helps in reducing fat from our body. Regular cycling not only keeps us healthy and happy but also keeps a check on calorie intake.

C. Swimming

Swimming is a sport which effectively helps in burning calories and reduces fat. Swimming involves extensive movement of our body under or on water that leads to toning and tightening of lose skin. Swimming involves lot of hand rotation which tones up and reduces flab on arms. Swimming helps you in losing almost 550 calories in an hour that is greatly beneficial in shedding off those extra pounds. Swimming is against the resistance of water which is why it is easy to burn calories and through the strokes swimming also helps in making our body more flexible and pliable.

D. Dancing

Now the regular exercise becomes boring and monotonous. Why not mix your exercise regime with dancing which is not only good for our health but is also fun, exciting and sets you free. Dancing is a skill which is fun and help in complete body movement. Regular dancing helps in effective toning and lose weight. It indeed is one of the most effective and sound way to lose weight. The best part of dancing is your chance to learn various forms to keep monotony away. Be it aerobics or Zumba it is highly effective.

E. Jumping Rope

As a child it is one of our favourite things but little did we know how effective it is in losing weight. Jumping rope ultimately makes us jump which is very effective in building overall health and help in losing calories. All you need to do is get a skipping rope and dedicate 10 minutes to it every morning, you definitely will see change.

F. Walking

If jogging or other exercise forms are intense for you, ensure you dedicate sometime for regular walking. Brisk walking is very effective in losing weight and also doesn’t go heavy on your joints. Keep a comfortable pace and try to walk if you have time and less distance to cover. It is one form which keeps you healthy and hearty.