Sonam Kapoor-Perfect example of Fat to Fit

Sonam Kapoor-Perfect example of Fat to Fit

The true fashionista, Sonam Kapoor is known for her impeccably stunning and stylish clothing sense and has one of the best wadrobe in the industry. Her breakthrough performance in Neerja – biopic of brave heart Neerja Bhanot, has not only left us spellbound but kept a lot of people wondering what it takes for the diva to stay fit and gorgeous. Recently her Instagram profile had few photos uploaded from her Maldives trip and without an ounce of makeup she looks stunning and beautiful. Her flawless skin well toned body and spectacular fashion sense makes her one of the most sensual actress in Bollywood today. Before stepping into Bollywood, during her younger days she weighed almost 90 kg but her story of weight loss is very inspiring. Before trying her luck in Bollywood, she set for the mission of losing weight and lost almost 35 kgs by taking proper diet and sticking to her workout regime.. She is the perfect example of fat to fit. Here are few things Sonam Kapoor follows to stay ever beautiful and healthy.

Workout Regime

Sonam kapoor was never blessed with a lean and fit body but she proved to the world that hard work and dedication is all we need to keep ourselves in proper shape. Her workout session includes lot of weight training, pilates and yoga.

  • She never fails at least one hour of gym everyday where her regime consists of cardio exercises. To initially lose weight she went under rigorous sessions of workout and most of the sessions were focussed on weight training. Till today she believes weight training has helped her immensely to get the perfect sculpted body.

  • She swears by pilates and during her initial days of weight loss she was trained by celebrity pilates trainer Yasmin Karachiwala.

  • She has relied greatly on power yoga and still includes a lot of yoga in her workout session. She goes for power yoga almost 4 times a week.

  • Sonam starts her day with jogging and later on continue with the other workout session.

  • Currently she is guided by her personal trainer Radhika Apte, who plans the entire workout regime for the style diva and regularly switches between different workout plans. Sonam carries along with her a pilates reformer when she travels to save the hassle.

  • Whenever she gets time she also plays squash, attend dancing class and go for swimming.


During her young days when she was a student and before stepping into Bollywood she could never keep her hands away from ice-creams, chocolates, and other junk food. But with her growing determination of losing weight she stopped eating all her favourite food. She starts her day with a glass of lukewarm water to get her system ready for the day and her meals are high in protein content and low in carbohydrates. She takes small portion of meal after every two hours. Here is how she has planned her diet.

  • She swears by concoction of honey and lemon in warm water every morning in empty stomach. Throughout the day she takes enough water to keep her mechanism running and giving her flawless look. She ensures she keeps herself enough hydrated.

  • Her breakfast usually contains items like oatmeal and fresh fruits. When she is bored she changes occasionally to poha, upma or idli.

  • She ensures to take a pre lunch snack that includes brown bread and egg white. It also includes protein shake or juice.

  • Her lunch contains a portion of grilled chicken or fish, dal, chapatti and salad. She takes in lot of salad to fill her appetite.

  • She takes brown bread and egg for evening snacks. Alternately she also consumes lots of nuts and fruits in the evening.

  • Her dinner is always light and early. She usually takes soup for her dinner and also includes portion of fish. She keeps her dinner very light and consumes yoghurt or soya milk if she is hungry.

  • To ensure her body is enough hydrated she consumes lots of water and coconut water to keep her skin flawless and glowing.

Sonam Kapoor has gone from fat to fab and is truly an inspiration for everyone. Her marvellous fashion taste along with her lean and well toned body makes her look stunning and sexy. She believes dedication and hardwork is the only key to stay fit and toned and there is no shortcut to it.