Fitness secret of our Finest Prime Minister – Mr. Narendra Modi

Fitness secret of our Finest Prime Minister – Mr. Narendra Modi

Under the reign of Mr. Narendra Modi, we have definitely seen one of the finest and fittest Prime Minister who has dedicated all his time to service of the nation. From being a tea seller to Prime Minister of the nation, he has achieved a lot through his dedication and hard work. He is a complete workaholic and even at the age of 65 he manages to keep himself healthy and fit. Mr. Modi is a very disciplined person and ensures he follows a good diet and fitness regime to gather enough energy to transform the nation with various developments. Here is what our beloved Prime Minister does to stay healthy and fit.


When asked about his fitness mantra, he said – " I sleep very less and maximum is only 3 to 4 hours. The secret behind my fitness and energy is regular Yoga and Pranayama." This makes it evident that our prime minister is an ardent follower of yoga and starts his morning with yoga practise. He wakes up by 5 am or earlier, practise one hour of yoga daily and includes lots of breathing exercise to keep him energetic throughout the day. He regularly practises meditation that keeps him calm and helps in increasing his focus towards work.


Mr. Prime Minister is pure vegetarian and being from a Gujarati Background, loves food native to Gujarat. His food habits are very simple and wholesome. His favourite among all food is Gujarati style Khichdi and Bakris (Crispy Rotis and is a Gujarati food). He is very careful about his food habits and takes food usually prepared by his dedicated cooks. He also takes South Indian food like Idli Sambhar, Upma and snacks on a light meal like Poha occasionally. Being the prime minister of the nation, he cannot afford to invite throat problems and thus prefer lukewarm water only. He includes tea or fruit juice in his breakfast.

He keeps his lunch light and includes Gujarati style Dal, rice and vegetable. He ensures he takes a portion of curd to keep his metabolism fine.

In between lunch and dinner he occasionally takes some light snacks but usually due to this tight schedule is unable to eat anything. He has his dinner around 10pm after wrapping up everything and it includes Gujarati Curry, Khichdi and vegetables.

His food habits are mostly native to Gujarat but he also loves trying other vegetarian cuisines occasionally. He is very strict about Navratri time and sticks to fast for complete 9 days. He takes only fruits during the day.

Narendra Modi indeed is one of the most charismatic and powerful leaders India has ever seen and it is very important for him to stay healthy and fit. He is known for his ebullient personality and classic dressing code. He wears clean, wrinkle free and well-pressed clothes with his Modi style half jacket to look energetic and fresh throughout the day. To keep his vocals strong he doesn't take anything cold and drinks lot of water to keep his body mechanism running fine.