What Kangana Ranaut does to look Super Stunning?

What Kangana Ranaut does to look Super Stunning?

The Queen actress not only managed to grab awards for her outstanding performances but is also known for her unique and trendy fashion sense. Starting from her modelling days she has transformed herself from being skinny to fabulous. It was not easy for the Tanu Weds Manu actress but building up a better body took her immense dedication towards her workout session and diet. She has inspired many small town girls to make it large in life and here is what she follows to keep her fit and fab.


The Fashion actress is trained under celebrity fitness trainer Leena Mogre and her workout regime includes power yoga, gym and kick boxing. According to her trainer Leena Mogre, she is an ectomorph, one who doesn’t gain weight easily and thus she never required extensive training for gaining or losing weight.Here routine is scheduled and she does different forms of exercise on all 5 days.

  • Monday she dedicates to 10 sets of push ups, squats and pull ups each along with fartlek running for 20 minutes.
  • Tuesday is for 45 minutes of kick boxing along with full body stretching and 20 minutes of hill training.
  • Thursday is dedicated for athletic sprint, speed workout that consists of 30 minutes of drills and hurdle training along with 20 minutes of abs training.
  • Friday is her power - yoga and meditation day.
  • Saturday, she focus more on strength training and endurance building through peripheral heart action (PHA) which greatly help in building stamina. It enables her to tone up and lose any extra fat.

She keeps her Wednesday and Sunday off without any workout. She usually follows this routine but it keeps changing according to the role she plays


Kangana being ectomorph and naturally blessed with tendency of not gaining weight doesn’t need to be stingy and very choosy when it comes with diet. She has lately turned herself into vegetarian and includes lots of raw vegetables, salad, boiled food, fruits and pulses in her diet. She ensures that she takes the right portion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to keep herself fit and healthy. She takes small meals and keeps herself hydrated by drinking water.

  • Her breakfast includes porridge, cereals and egg white omelette.
  • For her mid day snack she takes fruits along with protein shake.
  • She takes a simple lunch that includes dal, 2 chapattis, lot of vegetables and green salad. Before turning vegetarian she also included grilled chicken.
  • For evening snacks she munches on brown bread. Sometimes she takes brown bread sandwich.
  • She prefers soup for dinner along with lots of boiled vegetables  and occasionally roti.

Her diet regime however changes on the requirement of her fitness goal and workout session. Her diet and food habit is designed as per the workout session planned for her. Kangana has tremendously evolved as an actress and is one of the leading ladies in the industry. 

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