Super seed for Wholesome Nutrition

Super seed for Wholesome Nutrition

Seeds are very healthy and their crunchy seeds keep hunger at par. The seeds are packed with goodness of dietary fibre, protein, anti – oxidants and good cholesterol which makes them high nutritious and beneficial for health. These seeds although small in size are powerhouse of energy and nutrition. The seeds are also rich in protein and amino acid content. Here is the list of few super seeds that you must definitely pop in every day.

A. Chia Seeds – These seeds are very rich in vitamins, minerals and an incredible source of protein, anti-oxidants and omega – 3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are rich source of calcium which strengthens bones and reduces joint pain. The presence of omega 3 fatty acids prevents heart diseases and also its high fibre content stabilise sugar concentration and decreases cholesterol level.

B. Pumpkin Seeds – Pumpkin seeds are known to contain pool of health promoting nutrients which includes Vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, iron and are the only alkaline forming seeds.  Pumpkin seeds contain high concentration of L – Tryptophan which is known to uplift mood and fight depression. Pumpkin seeds help to fight kidney stones, diabetes and parasites inside our body. They are also known to reduce the concentration of bad cholesterol.

C. Flax Seeds - Flax seeds are known for high fibre content and play a major role in weight loss by suppressing hunger. They also contain high concentration of lignans, a plant like estrogen which is known to reduce cancer risk. It also is rich in concentration of omega 3 fatty acid which boost brain functioning and helps in reducing bad cholesterol level. Flax seeds keep a check on blood pressure and reduces occurrence of cardio vascular disease.

D. Hemp Seeds - Hemp seeds are known to contain all 20 amino acids which make it a very nutritious diet seed. It contains complete amino acids which help in muscle building by burning calories and is very effective for people who work out to get their muscle carved. It has high content of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids and magnesium content which reduces the risk to cardiovascular diseases. Regular intake of help seeds greatly boosts immune system.

E. Pomegranate Seeds - These seeds are rich source of anti-oxidants which help in scavenging out free radicals from your body and prevent pre-mature ageing. They have high concentration of polyphenols which reduces risk to heart disease and cancer. It is packed with many essential minerals, Vitamin C and its low calorie content is beneficial for weight check. According to research it is highly effective in treating atherosclerosis and reducing inflammation due to arthritis.

F. Sunflower seeds - They are tasty and packed with goodness of Vitamin E, beneficial unsaturated fats and number of minerals like magnesium, copper, manganese etc. The Vitamin E content acts as anti-oxidant and eliminates free radicals. Since they are rich source of magnesium, they effectively help in reducing high blood pressure, reduce asthma and risk of heart diseases. 

These are some of the super seeds which you must include in your diet. Apart from this you can also include sesame seeds, wheat germ, apricot seeds etc for a wholesome nutrition gain.