Yes to Power Yoga

Yes to Power Yoga

Yoga has been incredible for complete therapy of mind, body and soul. There have been modifications in the traditional yoga forms by mixing different postures and styles. One of the most transformed and followed form of yoga is Power Yoga – a form that focuses on complete fitness, strength gain and body toning. It is an intense form of yoga which primarily helps in weight loss and complete workout of our body. It is more concentrated on health building through poses and exercise rather than meditation and chanting. Most of the celebrities are known to practise power yoga regularly for its immense benefits. Here are few benefits of why you should start power yoga.

A. Weight loss – Since power yoga is more about physical exercise, intense pose and postures, it brings a complete workout of body and help in effective weight loss. It is known for its superiority in calorie burning and can burn up to 200 calories per hour. It breaks down the body fat and cut down on extra flab.

B. Increased endurance and stamina – Power yoga involves most of the asana that highly focus on strength building and core development. The asanas work in sync with breathing and with repetition of the strenuous asana, each session contributes a little in increasing your stamina. It makes you strong and physically fit.

C. Build Muscle strength – The power yoga asana are rigorous and intense which help in toning and muscle building. The stronger muscles help in protecting us from many medical conditions. Some of the postures of power yoga focus on spine development which relieves us of back pain and make us lean yet strong.

D. Improves flexibility – Most of the sets of asana in power yoga require complete body movement and thus improves our flexibility. The asana would require you to bend in different position which will gradually loosen your stiff muscles and make you supple. The more flexible your body is, lesser is the occurrence of body aches and joint pain. Since it enhances flexibility, it also helps in improving body posture.

E. Eliminates toxins – It is a very rigorous exercise power and sweating is one thing that one cannot escape from. Due to increased sweating it helps in eliminating toxins from your body and purifies the blood. It is also known to increase the blood circulation which brings radiance and glow to our skin. Toxin elimination is one major reason why power yoga has helped many to rejuvenate their system.

F. Body metabolism and regulation – Power yoga greatly contributes in enhancing the metabolism of our body. Apart from it, it regulates various processes in our body and makes us strong internally. It reduces the risk to cardiovascular disease and also decreases the level of bad cholesterol in our body. It improves blood circulation by opening the choked arteries and helps our skin to breath by opening clogged pores. 

Power yoga has helped many people to transform themselves into fitter, stronger and healthier self. It is hot favourite among celebrities and you too should try it to gain so many benefits out of it.