Health benefits of Zumba

Health benefits of Zumba

Exercise and yoga can sometimes be annoyingly monotonous and there comes a need of something interesting and fun. Zumba is a Latin dance form which can break the stagnant exercise routine by bringing a complete body workout session filled with fun and liveliness. Those moves and beats go in sync which enlightens your mood and let you take control over your body in the most profound way. The Latin inspired dance form includes fusion of other dance forms like Salsa, Flamenco, Merengue etc and has effectively helped in quick calorie burn. These reasons are enough to make you join the fun filled Zumba class

A. Weight loss – Zumba focus on complete body movement and thus aids in effective weight loss. It is a kind of cardio exercise which help in losing body fat and contribute greatly in burning calorie. One session of zumba is enough for one to lose up to 600 to 1000 calories. Zumba moves get intense with time and help in getting in shape in no time.

B. Body Toning – The most difficult part of exercise and body grooming is toning. Zumba moves effects the entire body and help in toning of body muscles. You move to the beats in a rhythm which engage your body muscles to moves that include ample amount of twist, squats and lunges. This leads to tightening of lose skin and makes our body more firm.

C. Eliminates toxins and boost metabolism – During one session of Zumba one tends to sweat a lot which leads to release of toxins from the body. Release of toxins improves the blood circulation across the body. Zumba makes you active and its complete exercise form help in enhancing the rate of metabolism. The more you exercise, the more your metabolism is on fire.

D. Improved Cardiovascular System – It is an exercise that is directly connected to improvement of cardiovascular system and reduces the chance of heart disease. Zumba enhances and strengthens the cardiovascular system and makes one more active. A weak cardiovascular system leads to fatigue, weakness but on practising Zumba, you take a step into active and healthy living by keeping your heart healthy.

E. Relieves Stress – The beats of Zumba inflict our mind with positivity and release our brain of stress. Zumba is all about letting go and moving to the beats, dancing like no one is watching. It transcends positive energy and is known to release endorphins which stimulate mood and make one happy. Zumba has helped many to cope over depression as its endorphin release encourages the feel good factor.

F. Good for all – Be it a learner or veteran, anyone can join Zumba Classes. Zumba is made for all age group and there are many levels which are categorised according to age group or experience. Zumba classes can be taken up by kids, adults and senior citizens as well. Be it a first timer or a regular, everyone will have fun equally.

Zumba is fun, exciting and completely upbeat and its amazing health benefits are incredible. It helps in complete body movement, improved co-ordination and help in boosting confidence. Zumba it out!!