Natural remedies for removing Blackheads

Natural remedies for removing Blackheads

Blackheads, are result of excess sebum formation at base of hair follicles which leads to clogging of the pores. It contains a dark pigment called melanin which is oxidised and becomes black giving the colour black. They are the clogged pores which are open and unlike white heads don’t have a skin layer covering it. The most common occurrence of them is nose area. The blocked pores are most commonly seen on people who have oil skin. The oil secretion leads to clogging of the skin pores but there are few natural things that we can use to get rid of the annoying black spots on nose.

A. Egg white – It is very effective against blackhead as it helps in tightening of the pores which removes the blackheads and prevents further clogging of pores. Separate the egg white from the yolk, apply 3 to 5 layers of egg white and peel it off once it is dried. It will remove the blackheads and also moisturise the area.

B. Lemon – It is citrus fruit which has anti-septic properties. On application of lemon juice on effected area, it tends to act a toner and tighten the pores. As the pore will shrink it will unclog the pores and remove the blackhead. Squeeze lemon juice, apply it with cotton and leave overnight before washing off with water.

C. Baking soda – It helps in unclogging the pores and remove the blackheads. The fine particles of baking soda mixed with fresh water is a very effective paste to exfoliate and undo the clogging of the pore.

D. Sugar – The sugar granules are very effective for exfoliation purpose and help in removing of the dead skin. It deeply acts and allows unclogging of the pores for removal of the blackheads. Mix sugar with olive oil to make a coarse paste, rub on affected area for 15 minutes and wash off.

E. Oatmeal – It acts as natural exfoliate which help in removing dead skin and clarifies skin of excess oil. This in turn helps in unclogging of the pore and removal of the blackheads. Make a paste of oatmeal with yoghurt, apply the mask and leave on for 20 minutes before slowly scrubbing it off. Wash with cold water.

F. Tomato – Tomato has the natural ability to de-clog the pores and thus can help in removing blackheads in very less time. Make a paste of tomato juice along with peel, apply and leave on for 2 hours. This will help in removal of the blackhead by drying them up.

G. Epsom Salt – The crystal particles of Epsom Salt dissolve in skin and help in getting rid of dead skin. Through the process of exfoliation it de-clog the pores and expels out the blackhead by pulling out the plug of each pore. Add Epsom salt to hot water, dissolve it completely and apply on the affected area. For best results massage the same till it completely penetrates through skin and wash off.

Exfoliation and scrubbing is very important for reducing the oil levels and keep the pores open and free to breathe. These simple home remedies are highly effective in reducing the blackheads and de-clogging the pores.