Refreshing potion of Rose Water

Refreshing potion of Rose Water

Rose water is one of the oldest traditional beauty potions that have found a place in every dressing table. The fresh fragrance along with skin toning effect makes it remarkable for use on any type of skin and it is a natural product. Since time immemorial, this beauty flower has not only adorned your gardens but makes an essential component for beauty and skin care regime. It instantly refreshes and rejuvenates dull skin and hydrates skin with its deep toning properties. No matter what your age or gender is, it can be used by anyone to keep their skin alive and pore breathing. Here are few benefits of regular use of rose water.

A. Face Toner and cleanser – Rose water is natural and free of any chemicals. It help in toning of our facial skin and acts as cleanser to instantly remove dirt and oil. It opens up the pores that were clogged and doesn’t let the oil accumulate in the pores. Rose water in combination with glycerin is a very effective face cleanser.

B. Astringent properties – It is usually used in facials and cleans up as it has anti –inflammation as well as astringent properties. Its regular use help in tightening of the open pore and close the open pores. It has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces skin redness and prevents skin diseases like acne, dermatitis and eczema.

C. Hydration and Moisturizer – Regular application of rose water on our skin keeps our skin hydrated throughout. It acts as natural moisturizer which makes our skin smooth, supple and firm.

D. Rejuvenation and cooling effect – Rose water revitalizes the skin and brings back the lost radiance. It reduces skin dullness through its cooling effect. A quick spray or cleansing with rose water is enough for refreshing ourselves. For best results, mix rose water with Fuller’s Earth, apply the paste for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water.

E. Soothes Sunburn – Sunburn causes skin irritation and redness. Exposure to sun also causes skin rashes and burning sensation. Rose water is very effective to calm and cool skin which heals sunburn by soothing the irritation. For best effect, mix Basil leaf with rose water and apply on affected area.

F. Reduce lip spots – Rose petals are very effective against lip spots and its regular application makes our lips healthy and naturally pink. Rose water along with glycerin can be applied on lips overnight for healthy lips. Alternatively, crush beetroot and mix rose water into it, apply the paste on lips and wash off after 20 minutes for naturally pink lips.

G. Calms eye stress – Rose water is a naturally eye soothing tonic and help in reducing stress. Dab some cotton in rose water, place the wet cotton over closed eyes and feel relaxed. This helps in reducing puffiness, eye bags and dark circles. Rose water drops can be used as eye drop for cleaning and healthy eyes.

H. Repairs aging – Due to continuous exposure to sun, UV rays and others, other skin tend to pre-maturely age. Rose water helps in scavenging out the aging related free radicals and brings out glowing skin. Its regular application naturally makes skin more youthful.