Heel cracked feet naturally

Heel cracked feet naturally

Cracked heels are usually seen in people who don’t take care of their feet appropriately and fail to keep them hydrated. There are many other reasons like application of harsh soap, excessive drying of skin, and subjection to extreme weather conditions or foot disease that lead to feet fissures. In order to heal the cracks intensive care and moisturising is required. It is required to periodically scrub feet with pumice stone to exfoliate the dead skin and some of the home remedies can be followed for healing. Cracked feet definitely look very ugly and heal them using these simple things.

A. Lemon – It has acidic properties which help in exfoliating the dead skin and soften the skin. Its antiseptic properties prevent bacterial growth. Lemon slice can be directly rubbed on crack heels for 10 minutes before washing off. In case of burning sensation, squeeze lemon juice in warm water, soak feet for 15 minutes, pat dry and apply foot cream.

B. Oil – Coconut oil is the best oil which nourishes the area and provides appropriate moisturising effect. Scrub your feet to clean off dead skin and dirt, pat dry and massage with coconut oil for 10 minutes. Alternately you can make a mixture of olive oil, lavender oil and coconut oil, apply on affected area and massage for 10 minutes. Apply oil before going to bed, wear clean socks and go to bed. This will heal and soften the cracked area.

C. Glycerin – It acts as great moisturiser and keeps the affected area hydrated. A mixture of glycerin with rose water is an effective therapy for cracked heels. It softens the area and also prevents against bacterial attack. Apply before going off to bed and leave overnight. Use it regularly for quick result.

D. Epsom Salt – It is natural booster for proper blood circulation and its ingredients help in elimination of toxins. The granules of Epsom salt heal the crack by reducing the occurrence of dryness. Soak Epsom salt in a tub with warm water, soak feet for 10 minutes and scrub the feet with pumice stone to exfoliate dead skin. Massage with foot cream for best results.

E. Banana – It soften rough skin and acts as moisturiser which hydrates the area and heels feet fissures. Make a paste of banana, apply the paste on affected area and on for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water. The moisture provided by the banana is retained and with its regular application the cracks are gradually healed.

F. Vinegar – White vinegar is very effective in removal of dry sky and acts as tonic to heal cracked skin. It has acetic properties which also treats bacterial infection. The acetic nature softens skin rapidly. Mix half cup of vinegar in warm water, soak foot for 20 minutes and scrub off the dead skin with pumice stone. Rinse off with water and massage with cream.

G. Paraffin Wax – It has the ability to quickly remove dead skin due to its waxy content and soften feet. Paraffin wax also nourished the feet with its natural oil. Make a paste by melting paraffin wax, coconut oil and olive oil. Apply the mixture on your affected area, wear clean socks and leave overnight. Wash off next morning.

These are some natural remedies to gain soft and beautiful feet back. Regular scrubbing and moisturising is of pivotal importance.