Varun Dhawan – Making of one of the Hottest Actor

Varun Dhawan – Making of one of the Hottest Actor

There are many celebrities in Bollywood who set an example from their dedication and hardwork but some has inspired their fans by transforming themselves from fat to fit. Heart-throb Varun Dhawan has not only left his fans jaw dropped with his good looks but has been appreciated for his dedication towards his fitness regime. He never had a sculpted body naturally but worked very hard, trained with some of the best fitness trainers and stayed focused to shape up the right way. The Badlapur Star is one of the hottest actors in the industry and believes a good body doesn’t always have to muscular but toned and flexible. This is what the Student of the year actor follow to keep wearing his impeccable look and body.

Exercise and workout

Dhawan has a toned and sculpted 8 pack body and it did not come easy to him but months of dedication and hard work. He never misses on his workout schedule and is being trained by some of the best trainers. He practise Pilates under guidance of celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit. He also is into weight training and is guided by celebrity trainer Prashant Sawant. He is learns dance and follows dancing as exercise regime under the guidance of Remo D’Souza.

Varun Dhawan works out 5 days a week under the guidance of Prashant Sawant and dedicates almost 90 minutes for the workout session. Weight lifting not exceeding 25 to 30 kg and cardio is the major workouts that he follow to keep his body toned. To maintain the flexibility of the body, he does involve dance sessions and pilates in between. Before starting with his intense workout session, he follows a warm up of 5 to 10 minutes that includes anything like running, jogging etc. he believes stretching exercise is important to prevent injuries and pain after work out session.


He is very particular about his diet and believes diet and workout goes hand in hand. He avoids sugar and oily food. He takes the right proportion of carbohydrate, protein and fats which is appropriate for his body. He includes required amount of omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients. He takes small meals in every 2 to 3 hours and goes easy of carbohydrates that are not GI friendly.

  • His breakfast is the energy booster and consists of eggs and brown bread along with juice. Sometimes instead of bread he takes oatmeal. He prefers whole wheat multi grain bread in sandwiches.
  • His mid-day snack is light and limits to a fruit and green tea which is followed by a glass of protein shake.
  • For this lunch, he takes a bowl of brown rice along with 2 or 3 rotis. He includes vegetables, baked chicken and salad for lunch.
  • For his evening snacks he takes fruit chat with combination of fruits like banana, papaya etc. He also takes flaxseeds along with protein shake.
  • He takes early dinner at around 8pm and includes a portion of grilled fish along with vegetables. He wraps up dinner sometimes with a cup of green tea.

The handsome Dhawan Junior is dedicated towards his workout and never misses on his schedule. No matter what his focus is what has helped him transform into what he is today.