Increased good Bacteria is the new healthy

Increased good Bacteria is the new healthy

According to research and various studies, there is a population of good bacteria which is optimally maintained in our GI tract helps in proper digestion. They are also known to boost our immune system by eliminating and reducing the level of toxins. There should be a collection of good bacteria maintained in our gut which makes more nutrients available, fights off carcinogens and regulates perfect metabolism. There are certain foods that increase the population of the gut bacteria and in order to keep our digestion proper and immune system strong, it is necessary to take a good bacterial inducing diet. Some of the super food that increase the bacterial population are.

A. Yoghurt – It is one of the best and most affordable sources of good bacteria inducing food product. It helps in reducing sugar intake , effective in weight loss and is capable of fighting off yeast infection. It is a rich source of calcium and vitamins. It increases the population of good bacteria like acidophilus, lactobacillus etc.

B. Bananas – the fruit is very helpful in strengthening ourselves and restores the population of good bacteria. They are very effective for upset stomach and plays as strong role in reducing inflammation. Bananas allows the good microbial population to adjust in harmony with each other.

C. Fermented food – They are very rich source of inducing growth of gut microflore and thus takes active part in metabolism. Kefir is a natural probiotic and is a fermented milk product which boosts digestion. Sauerkraft is another popular fermented food which increases the population of healthy and good bacteria in the gut. It allows the increase in population of Lactobacilli plantarum which acts as immune system pusher and fights against yeast infection.

D. Beans – Beans have high concentration of short-chain fatty acids which enhances the intestine cells, increase gut microflora and makes nutrients more available for proper growth. Beans are also good calorie burner and strengthen your immune system. Microflora of gut increases with more fibre intakes and beans are rich in fibre content.

E. Brocolli – It is rich in many health beneficial nutrients and contain glucosinolates, sulphur containing metabolites which reduces inflammation and risk to many diseases like cancer, gall bladder, liver disorders etc on being broken into smaller particles by gut microflora. This in turn increases the concentration and growth of good bacteria.

These are few ways which will help increase the population of good microflora in gut.

  • According to an Research, it was found that reduced sugar intake and processed food boosted the growth of gut microflora.
  • Increase intake of plants, green vegetable and a diet high in fibres greatly cultivated more population of good bacteria in the gut.
  • Regular exercise and moderate sweating helped in regulating optimum population of good bacteria. It induces changes in gut microflora through enhanced metabolism and altered immune system.
  • Reduce intake of red meat, as it is difficult to digest and decrease the population of microflora that is healthy and beneficial.
  • Get proper sleep and keep a check on your stress levels, as the hormones produced during stress and lack of sleep tends to inhibit growth of gut bacteria.