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Welcome to HealthNick.Com - Be Healthy, Be Happy!

Life is much easier now than it was, ever before. Modern technology has inundated our lives with innumerable devices and electronic gadgets. A single push of a button or a click of the mouse is enough to bring anything we need to our doorstep. After all, convenience and comfort are the ultimate goals in life…or are they, really?

The downside of all this luxury is that we have completely lost focus. In the mad rush of keeping up with strict schedules, meeting demanding deadlines, enjoying the comforts and our preoccupation with social life (and the social media), we completely neglect our health. We seem to be more interested in the messages on our mobile devices than in the subtle messages our own body is signaling to us periodically. And by the time we notice, it is often too late.

Thankfully, it is never too late to make a fresh start and realize the importance of health and fitness. The main objective of this blog is precisely that - help you appreciate the value of healthy living by giving you useful information and tips.

With our articles, we sincerely hope to encourage you to adopt a lifestyle of physical activity and nutritional eating habits. Join us in marching towards a life filled with positive energy, happiness, and wellness.

Here's a short glimpse of the various topics that will be addressed in our blog.

Health - Pollution caused by profusion of chemicals in the atmosphere has given rise to a host of new diseases. To safeguard ourselves from the contaminated environment is a major challenge. It is necessary for us to be knowledgeable about basic health issues. By reading the interesting snippets about health and wellness on our blog, you can educate yourself and be better informed.

Fitness - If the American President and the Indian Prime Minister have one thing in common, other than their premier political standing, it must be their passion for keeping fit and promoting that idea among their countrymen. Fitness is not achieved in a day. Nor can you become fit by following the latest crash diet. Occasional visits to the gym to pump iron sporadically won't do the trick, for sure! Fitness is a way of life, inculcated throughout our growing years. Rigors of modern life have ensured that we have very little time to spend on work-outs. All work and no play makes John, not only dull but lethargic and obese as well. Regular physical activity can help us keep fit. It can reduce risks of many diseases and chronic ailments. By reading the array of articles related to fitness on our blog, you can decide on, and chart your own fitness program! We also have a special section dedicated to discussing the fitness and diet regime of celebrities. This is an unique opportunity to get inspired by the stars and be initiated into the world of holistic health, both physical and intellectual.

Nutrition - We are what we eat. This may sound cliché, but it is absolutely true. The food we consume does have a huge impact on the way our body processes food. Nutrition refers to the practice of consuming and utilizing food. It focuses on how conditions and diseases can be avoided by following a healthy diet. Through this blog, we will give you insightful and interesting information about the various types of food we eat and their nutritional values. We will discuss and compare different food groups and list their benefits for your reference. This blog will be your guide to eating a balanced diet comprising of a variety of food, but in moderation.

Beauty - Contrary to the old saying, beauty may be a bit more than just skin deep. In fact, feeling beautiful has more to do with maintaining your body, eating right, and following an active lifestyle. There are several tips, trends, and recipes in this section to make you glow with beauty and confidence!